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You’re Still Free To Move About the Country, Masked

Last month our CEO said masks don’t really help inside the cabin of airplanes. Then he tested positive and clarified his statement.

While SWA CEO Gary Kelly may have been attempting to tout our on-board HEPA filtration systems, which exchange the entire cabin air every 2-3 minutes, many of us flight attendants thought he was simply trying to protect us from being slugged in the face.

No, we don’t especially like it when you hit us. In 2021, the FAA reported 5,779 incidents of unruly passengers, with more than 72% of those mask-related. 

However, even though they received a lot of media attention, the truth is those incidents were committed by a tiny minority of travelers. Since the FAA cracked down in January with a zero-tolerance policy including fines up to $37,000 and possible jail time, incidents are sharply declining and flying remains an amazingly fun and safe way to travel. But don’t just take my word for it, follow us on Twitter to see what other customers are saying at @Southwestair

“I confused some with a short answer to a question about masks,” Kelly said. “So, to be clear, I and Southwest and along with [US airline lobbying group] Airlines for America are all aligned and support the current federal mask mandate at airports and on airplanes. We’ll continue to rely on the advice of our medical experts regarding the necessity of masks. And my apologies for any confusion!”

So, let’s all sing kum-bah-yah while wearing our masks over our nose and mouth.

Not only are we fully complying with the federal mandate, Southwest is innovating with the pandemic in mind. We now offer contactless boarding, open seating, no change fees, and a big sale to brighten your new year, with fares as low as $39

Let’s face it, we’re all tired of being cooped up at home. So mask up and climb aboard Southwest, and discover a new destination that’s good for your soul. 

And who knows, maybe we’ll even sing to you.

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Reasons to avoid talking on the phone

It’s ironic that the device I use the most is also the one I can’t stand using. At least part of it.

Today I made airline reservations and was forced to call Delta to speak to an actual human. Four times. The first representative couldn’t help me so she transferred me to another department. But we got cut off, so I had to call back and re-explain the issue to someone I knew couldn’t help. The second rep gave me the number to call directly to the online support desk. So I did, but unfortunately she gave me the number to Delta’s internal IT service desk. For employees. Call #3 fail. Finally the fourth call was the charm and a supervisor was able to override whatever systems were creating the havoc to begin with.

This issue is a microcosm of why I hate talking on the phone. But it’s more than that. I will do almost anything to avoid talking on the phone. Here are a few reasons why…

  1. The delay. Incredible that cell phone providers haven’t improved this. After 20 years, callers still stammer through pauses between speakers and then end up talking over each other because neither party hears the other. This timing problem makes having a normal conversation so difficult.
  2. The abyss. Don’t call me and stay on the line unnecessarily without saying anything. Get to the point. Time’s a wastin! And it’s disrespectful to take up someone’s time for nothing.
  3. The clueless helper. How many customer phone reps does it take to change a lightbulb? The reason I avoid calling to speak with someone like the plague is that they don’t know what the hell they’re doing, if they can even grasp my issue from their call center in India or South America. It’s just so much easier to fix it yourself online.
  4. The bad timing. Inevitably the phone starts vibrating when you can least get to it. When your arms are full of grocery bags; when you’re running late to drop off the kids; or in general when you can’t be bothered. Yet you can’t NOT answer the phone because you never know what emergency lies on the other end.

There are so many reasons why, but before you think I’m some sort if grumpy curmudgeon, read what The Oatmeal says on the subject. They sum it up better than I can…


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Great movie review…

Great movie review…

Help save the monkeys

First of all I want to say i am sorry I have been gone for so long, I was busy, did you miss me? Secondly, and i must brag i saw the uplifting film chimpanzee, four stars…

Review: The film is a heart-renching but yet uplifting movie about a baby chimpanzee (Oscar) that loses his mother, damaged by a rival troop of chimps and finished off by a leopard. (does not show damages.) Oscar does not think he can make it without his mother but when he starts to follow the troop leader they develop a special connection. Personally i liked the film because of the time laps in the nature, also some of the forest life they present is amazing. Rated G (general audience)

So like I have said before the first week (4/20/12 through 4/27/12) of the movie theywill make a donation to chimpanzees all over the world…

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Ben hits the big time with his monkey-saving cause

Ben and his cousin Shira raised money for the monkeys through a lemonade stand.

Via @sabusykids:

Amazing Busy Kids: Ben’s Blog Saves the Monkeys
I love it when kids do amazing things. Especially when it is amazing and it helps somebody else.Enter Ben Brody. 10-year-old kid blogger with a mission.

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Ben shows the three animals he’s adopted

Ben shows the three animals he’s adopted…and the campaign continues…

Help save the monkeys

With the money I raised i was able to “adopt” a snow leopard,a chimp,and a proboscis monkey so please don’t stop i have raised no more money, I’m just the helper its only you that can save the animals preferably monkeys. I hope this blog has changed your mind if not than what will become of the animals? So don’t stop now.

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