Great movie review…

20 Apr

Great movie review…

Help save the monkeys

First of all I want to say i am sorry I have been gone for so long, I was busy, did you miss me? Secondly, and i must brag i saw the uplifting film chimpanzee, four stars…

Review: The film is a heart-renching but yet uplifting movie about a baby chimpanzee (Oscar) that loses his mother, damaged by a rival troop of chimps and finished off by a leopard. (does not show damages.) Oscar does not think he can make it without his mother but when he starts to follow the troop leader they develop a special connection. Personally i liked the film because of the time laps in the nature, also some of the forest life they present is amazing. Rated G (general audience)

So like I have said before the first week (4/20/12 through 4/27/12) of the movie theywill make a donation to chimpanzees all over the world…

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