Coffee extremists unite!

07 Dec

As a self-admitted coffee addict, I thought I had hit the gold mine when I discovered the Keurig single-cup machine. Not only would I now be able to get my Kona fix whenever I wanted, I wouldn’t have to dirty up a bunch of pieces and parts of the traditional drip coffee maker.

But low-and-behold, the Keurig has been one-upped.

Scanomat has come out with the Top Brewer, an elegant, minimalist, extremist, in-counter coffee tap made of stainless steel and directly hard-piped to the water source.

To make matters more compelling, the whole system is controlled via an iPhone app, so that gadget geeks (yes, that’s me also) don’t even have to look up from their Words with Friends game to get their latte on.

Is there a downside? Yes, when the caffeine wears off.

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